Dragon Warriors Magic

Attack Spells

Magical Attack

Probably the spells adventuring magickers will cast most often will be those that target their enemies.

Spells can attack in two ways, directly or indirectly.


Direct Attacks

Direct attack spells attack the target without an intervening medium (such as fire or lightning). Typically, these spells do more than simply cause a loss of Health Points; for example, transforming the target to stone, causing them to act against their will, or something equally insidious. Direct attack spells only require line of sight to a target in range and cannot be blocked by physical barriers.

Direct attack spells must overcome the target's Magical Defence with the caster's Magical Attack to have an effect. The caster rolls two ten-sided dice (2d10), adds the target's Magical Defence, and if the result is less than or equal to the caster's Magical Attack score, the spell works.

2d10 + Target's Magical Defence ≤ Magical Attack = SUCCESS!


Indirect Attacks

Indirect attack spells conjure a force that the caster must direct across the intervening space towards the target. These spells typically only cause the target to lose Health Points and may be blocked (or reduced in effectiveness) by physical barriers, such as armour.

Determining whether this force strikes the target is resolved using the spell's Speed against the target's Evasion.

Roll 2d10 and add the target's Evasion score to the result. If the total is less than or equal to the spell's Speed, the spell hits the target.

2d10 + Evasion ≤ Speed = HIT!