Dragon Warriors Magic

Casting Spells

Spells for all of the magicker professions are scaled according to their level, a broad measure of equivalence between spells belonging to different professions.

A spell's level determines the minimum Rank at which the magicker can cast the spell and the amount of magical energy required to do so. Casting a spell is as simple as being of sufficient Rank and having sufficient energy to do so.



Spellcasting cannot be interrupted by striking or distracting the caster, but Sorcerers can be prevented from casting their spells by gagging their mouths or binding their hands.

Mystics cannot be prevented from casting their spells in this way, although blindfolding them might prevent them from targeting their spells.



Mystics have no chance to miscast their spells, but armour can interfere with the spellcasting of Sorcerers:

Armour WornMiscast Chance
Mail hauberk10%
Mail armour20%
Plate armour30%