Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial

Combat Movement

A character that does nothing else in a combat round may move up to 10 metres.

A character that still wishes to act (for example, to attack an enemy), may move up to 2.5m to close with an opponent before striking.

There are two ways to leave a combat without subduing an opponent first, retreating and routing:


Sir Balin bursts into a room to see two outlaws, one a couple of metres from the doorway, the other in the far corner. Sir Balin has the initiative so may close with the nearest outlaw (he is less than 2.5m away) and still attack.

After a few rounds of combat, it is not going well for the outlaws. One has already been knocked unconscious and the second outlaw decides to rout as his next action. Even though Sir Balin has already attacked this turn, as the outlaw turns to run, Sir Balin gets a free attack against a Defence of zero to hit the fleeing outlaw.