Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial

Ranged Combat

ranged combat

Ranged combat is resolved in a manner similar to melee combat. However, the target does not use its Defence score to modify the character's hit roll. Instead, the character's hit roll is adjusted by circumstantial modifiers:

Target is...Adjustment to hit roll
...at short rangeno adjustment
...at medium range+3
...at long range+7
...small or crouching+2
...moving slowly+2
...moving quickly+4
...in poor light+3 (or more at GM's discretion)

d20 + Modifiers ≤ Attack = HIT!


Sir Balin has spotted a goblin creeping slowly through the low scrub of the moon-lit moor and wants to shoot him with his bow.

The goblin is at medium range (+3), small (+2), moving slowly (+2), and in poor light (+3), for a total modifier to Sir Balin's hit roll of +10!

Sir Balin has an Attack of 14, so Sir Balin's player needs to roll a 4 or less on a twenty-sided die (d20) to hit the goblin - a very difficult shot!