Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial



If the target of a melee attack has a shield, they may use it to block an attack that bypasses their armour, even a Critical Hit.

Any time a character with a shield is struck in combat by a blow that would bypass their armour (even a Critical Hit), the player may roll a six-sided die (d6). If the result is a 1, the blow has been deflected.

d6 ≤ 1 = DEFLECTED!


It is now the orc's turn to act in the combat round and he hits Sir Balin with a critical hit, automatically bypassing Sir Balin's plate armour (AF 5)!

However, Sir Balin is carrying a shield. If Sir Balin's player rolls a 1 on a d6, Sir Balin will block the orc's attack, despite it being a critical hit.