Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial



Striking an opponent is not enough to do damage - they may be wearing armour that could deflect or absorb the blow.

All armour has a defensive strength, called Armour Factor (AF), which must be overcome by a weapon's Armour Bypass on a successful hit.

The die rolled to attempt to bypass armour is the first item in a weapon's notation. A dagger, for example, with which all first-rank characters start, is noted as a (d4,3) weapon, meaning it uses a four-sided armour bypass die (d4).

To bypass armour, roll over the target's AF with your armour bypass die.

Armour Bypass Roll > Opponent's AF = BYPASSED!


Having now struck the orc, Sir Balin must bypass its armour to cause any damage.

The orc's armour has an Armour Factor (AF) of 2 and Sir Balin is attacking with a sword, which has an eight-sided Armour Bypass Die (d8).

Sir Balin's player needs to roll 3 or more on a d8 to bypass the orc's armour.