Dragon Warriors Combat Tutorial

Hits & Critical Hits


Hit rolls are made with a twenty-sided die (d20). Add your opponent's Defence score to the result and, if the total is less than or equal to your Attack score, you have hit!

d20 + Opponent's Defence ≤ Attack = HIT!


Critical Hits

If you roll a 1 on the d20, this is considered a Critical Hit, which hits regardless of your opponent's Defence score and also bypasses their armour.


Sir Balin, a first rank knight with an Attack of 14 (he's very strong), is attacking an orc with a Defence score of 5.

To hit the orc, Sir Balin's player must roll 9 or less on a d20: 5, the Orc's Defence, plus 9 would equal 14, Sir Balin's Attack - any roll higher than 9 would push the result over Sir Balin's Attack, a miss.